The history of our center

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The Republic of Belarus is one of the most beautiful countries in the post-Soviet region. The country has an area of 207,6 thousand. sq. km. with population of 9474,2 (2005 -10, 3 mln.), 60% of area is occupied with forests. There are a lot of rivers and lakes in Belarus too.

Glusskij district of Mogilev region is situated in the south-east of Belarus. It was formed on July 17, 1924. Today its area is 1.3 thousand sq. km. with population of 16,3 thousand people. Forests occupy 55% of the district area. Village Glusk is the center of the district and has population of 7,4 thousand people.

The republic of Belarus has suffered a lot from Chernobyl disaster. In Belarus thousands of children need fresh air, clean water and qualified professional care.

In 1992 the government of the Republic of Belarus, trying to achieve humane idea of facing off threat from young generation and safe its future, decided to create specialized institutions on Belarusian land to help children who have suffered from the Chernobyl disaster.

On the base of former rehabilitation camp “Kosmos” in military town № 87, which is situated in Glusskij district, it was diced to start a a reconstruction of a rehabilitation center “Kosmos” for 154 places with all-year children stay. Glusskij district was chosen because it is one of the cleanest districts of the republic and the Chernobyl disaster didn’t touch it. The reconstruction of rehabilitation camp began in 1994.

In 2004 from Komchernobyl administration of the Republic of Belarus this institution was given to regional community ownership of Mogilev regional executive board. In the response to the decision of the session it was given to the Public Health Department.

The regional child center of medical rehabilitation “Kosmos” was put in operation in 2005. The center is designed for 95 beds in order to provide rehabilitation services for children with diseases of pulmonary, cardiorheumatologic, nephrology and urological field. The center accepts children from 5 to 18 years, without parents for rehabilitation treatment during 18 days.



There are seven blocks in the structure of the center:

- administrative block;

- educational and treatment block;

- medical block;

- reception and four bedroom block;

- nutrition block.

There is a children’s playground with swings and sandpit for kids at the territory of the center. A football field, volleyball and basketball courts are organized.

There are school, library and physiotherapy department in educational and treatment block.

5 classrooms are appropriated to school. Glusskij school teachers work there. Lessons begin at 9.15 and end at 14.35. Besides school books, there is a wide choice of fiction literature in the library.

The physiotherapy department consists of:

- electrophototherapy room;

- thermotherapy room;

- two therapeutic exercise rooms;

- mechanotherapy room.

Physiotherapeutic procedures are prescribed for indications, considering compatibility and sequence of dispensing procedures.

The electrophototherapy room is equipped with devices for galvanization (POTOK-1) and electrophoresis (Radius-01), magnetotherapy (AMT-01), ultraconic (UZT1.01F) and high frequency therapy (UVCH1.01F), 2 devices for magnetic and laser therapy are put in to operation (“Vitiaz”, “Rikta”).

The thermotherapy room is designed for six beds. Two paraffin heaters were purchased. Parrafin and ozokerittheraphy procedures are performed using cuvette-applicable method. There is sufficient quantity of paraffin and ozokerit.

Exercise therapy during group method classes is hold on schedule. The groups are formed taking in to account children’s age and diseases.

Under exercise physiologist control children over 12 years without contraindications attend exercise room that is equipped with Kettler training device. Over the 2008 to 2014 period training devices for mechanotherapy room and necessary equipment for therapeutic exercise room were purchased.


Medical block:

- massage rooms;

- hydropathical rooms;

- functional diagnostics room (ECG, spirography);

- US-diagnostics room;

- dental room.

Massage rooms are equipped with massage sets. Also there is a personal thermotherapeutic massager-stimulator (Nugabest).

Since February 2008 the hydropathical rooms are put into operation. The purchase and installation of modern equipment is done:

- 5 balneal bath;

- 2 underwater shower-massage baths;

- Charcot’s douche;

- 2 whirlpool boxes.

Center diagnostic ground provides center with functional diagnostics (ECG, spirography) and US-diagnostics rooms. “Medison” Ultrasound machine is used for examinations.

There are rooms for medical staff and treatment rooms, two playrooms with soft furniture, TV set, DVD-player and number of board games in the bedroom blocks. The bedrooms are designed for 3-4 children. There are toilet facilities and shower. A twenty-four hour duty of nursing staff is provided.

Aerosol inhalation room is situated in the reception block and is equipped with ultrasonic nebulizers, saline inhalers. There is aerophytotherapy room in the reception block.

There is a building were a laundry room with necessary equipment is situated. There is sufficient quantity of linen (3 pairs of bedclothes).

The nutrition block is in a separate building. The dining room is designed for 120 seats.

Meal time is organized according to a meal time schedule considering blocks and time. In the health care institution “Kosmos” children are fed 6 times per day with a standard menu. The menu is composed taking into account children’s age (preschool, senior school, high school). Two times per year a future menu is composed considering children’s age and season that contains protein, fat and carbohydrates requirements full estimation and caloric value estimation for each age separately.

The center pays great attention to visual agitation that is placed on the walls of vestibules and play rooms. The main part of this agitation is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle formation. Each children group has its own information stand.

Teaching is performed by 10 teacher-carers. Forms and methods of work with children vary: discussions, contests, quizzes, birthday parties, discos and etc. In order to improve organization of educational work and of children’s comfort stay they are interviewed, what helps to find out interests of children that are treated. If possible, children group assistant cooperates with parents too.


The main activities of the center are:

- The improvement of medical treatment quality.

- The improvement of management and personnel administration.

- The growth of rehabilitation and treatment services and material and technical base of the center.  

- Creating barrier-free environment for physically handicapped people (children, disabled people, pregnant women and elderly people).