Choose a child center “Kosmos” and your child will be healthy like astronaut.

Belarus is well-known among countries of former Soviet Union. Very often Belarusians, as well as foreign citizens, draw their attention to belarusian medicine. Especially Belarusian health resorts and sanatorium-resort centers are attractive to visitors. Anyone can use rehabilitation services of relevant institutions on request or upon the advice of the doctor regardless of gender, age and social status. 

In total 50% of the so-called “sanatorium-resort Belarusian attention”, or even more, is drawn to children. Today a wide ranging children’s treatment at sanatorium-resort centers in the Republic of Belarus is of a very high quality. Moreover the rehabilitation of children who have suffered various diseases is in a great demand. Medical rehabilitation of children in Belarus is done in different fields. For example: medical rehabilitation of children with genitourinary system and locomotory system diseases, respiratory system and cardiovascular system diseases. All these and many other services are available at the child center “Kosmos” that specializes at children’s rehabilitation in the Republic of Belarus.

The regional child center of medical rehabilitation “Kosmos” provides maximal wide range of services for health improvement and rehabilitation, starting with physiotherapy, exercise therapy, dietology and phytotherapy. The range of services at the medical center “Kosmos” is so various that children with different diseases can have appropriate rehabilitation. Additionally you can get a necessary consultation on health improvement or rehabilitation of your child and specialist medical care at the center. There is a professional staff at the regional child center of medical rehabilitation “Kosmos” that includes medical specialists of the highest level. A kind and gentle staff will be very attentive to you and your child.

Good health to you!

Sincerely yours, ”Kosmos”